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  Why Us  

As a furniture manufacturer we pride ourselves in:

1. Quality and Reliability
a. Located in Indonesia, Artem Furniture has gained accessibility to some of the best selections of raw materials such as high quality mahogany, teakwood and many other local woods. In every level of production, the company undergoes a rigorous process of quality control to ensure product’s durability, design and presentation. The management has taken a serious measure to assure the whole production process will be done according to our standard.

2. Delivery Dependability
a. Supported by advance machineries and skilled woodworkers, we pride ourselves in our punctual deliveries as well as consistency in meeting customer’s demand both in quantity and specifications. Since a lot of our clients are commercial entities as well, we feel very obligated to protect our client’s business interest by delivering goods precisely on the terms that has been agreed on.

3. Adaptability
a. Our long experience in the industry has given us the flexibility to anticipate adjustment when needed in a specific project location. Artem designers are also available to assist further on the interior solution as well as modification of product design when needed. We have been mutually working with our clients to generate creative design ideas and manufacture products with various styles. Furthermore Artem Furniture also fully welcomes custom-made order designed by other party such as an independent interior consultant.

4. Credibility
a. We have the privilege of serving our clients for almost 2 decades. Within that period Artem Furniture has been assisting numerous local projects and international clients. With this experience we feel fortunate to earn our customers’ trust; hence, Artem Furniture plans to continue working with each existing client in order to create the optimum solution for their space.


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